100 Things To Do With Lemons

Lemons are a versatile fruit that have a wide range of uses both in the kitchen and in daily life. The sour and acidic taste of lemons makes them a popular ingredient in cooking, and they are used to add flavor to a variety of dishes including desserts, marinades, and drinks.

In addition to their culinary uses, lemons also have a number of health benefits. The high levels of vitamin C found in lemons can help to boost the immune system and prevent the common cold.

Lemons can also be used for household cleaning and as a natural remedy for various ailments. The acidic nature of lemons makes them effective for removing tough stains and cleaning surfaces, while the pleasant citrus scent of lemon oil can be used as a natural air freshener.

Finally, lemons have a range of cosmetic uses and are often found in skincare products due to their antibacterial and brightening properties. The vitamin C in lemons can help to promote healthy skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots, while the citric acid can be used as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Lemon juice can also be applied to the hair as a natural lightener, and can be used to help remove build-up and promote shine.

100 Things To Do With Lemons:

  1. Add to drinks, such as lemonade and iced tea.
  2. Use in baking for lemon cakes, pies and cookies.
  3. Add to marinades for meat, poultry or fish.
  4. Use as a dressing for salads.
  5. Use as a natural cleaning agent for household surfaces.
  6. Apply to skin for a natural exfoliant.
  7. Use as a natural remedy for indigestion.
  8. Use as a natural remedy for sore throat.
  9. Apply to hair for a natural lightener.
  10. Add to a bath for a relaxing soak.
  11. Use in sauces and dips.
  12. Use as a natural air freshener.
  13. Use in place of salt to season food.
  14. Add to water for flavor and health benefits.
  15. Use in DIY skincare products.
  16. Use to remove tough stains.
  17. Add to soups for flavor.
  18. Use as a natural degreaser.
  19. Add to smoothies for flavor and nutrition.
  20. Use to make homemade lemonade concentrate.
  21. Add to sauces for a bright and tangy flavor.
  22. Use as a natural insect repellent.
  23. Use to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.
  24. Use to make lemon curd.
  25. Use to make lemon syrup for cocktails.
  26. Use to make lemon butter.
  27. Use to make lemon oil.
  28. Use to make lemon zest.
  29. Use to make lemon vinegar.
  30. Use to make lemon sugar.
  31. Use in savory dishes such as lemon chicken.
  32. Add to roasted vegetables for flavor.
  33. Add to grilled seafood for flavor.
  34. Use as a garnish for cocktails.
  35. Add to hot tea for flavor and health benefits.
  36. Use as a natural alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.
  37. Use as a natural alternative
  38. Use in a fruit salad.
  39. Add to granola or yogurt for flavor.
  40. Use in a vinaigrette dressing.
  41. Add to tea or coffee as a sweetener.
  42. Use in a rub for meat or poultry.
  43. Use in a stir-fry for flavor.
  44. Add to mashed potatoes for flavor.
  45. Use in a salsa.
  46. Add to jellies and jams.
  47. Use to make lemon peel candy.
  48. Use in a glaze for cakes or pastries.
  49. Use in a frosting for cakes or cupcakes.
  50. Use to make lemon curd tartlets.
  51. Use in a whipped cream topping.
  52. Use in a bread pudding.
  53. Use in a cheesecake filling.
  54. Use in a fruit tart.
  55. Use in a granita.
  56. Use to make lemon sorbet.
  57. Use to make lemon ice cream.
  58. Use in a meringue pie.
  59. Use in a pavlova.
  60. Use in a lemon tart.
  61. Use in a lemon pie.
  62. Use in a lemon mousse.
  63. Use in a lemon cheesecake.
  64. Use in a lemon bundt cake.
  65. Use in a lemon pound cake.
  66. Use in a lemon loaf.
  67. Use in a lemon drizzle cake.
  68. Use in a lemon bar.
  69. Use in a lemon cookie.
  70. Use in a lemon sugar cookie.
  71. Use in a lemon shortbread cookie.
  72. Use in a lemon ginger cookie.
  73. Use in a lemon crisp.
  74. Use in a lemon crumble.
  75. Use in a lemon cobbler.
  76. Use in a lemon chiffon cake.
  77. Use in a lemon angel food cake.
  78. Use in a lemon sponge cake.
  79. Use in a lemon butter cake.
  80. Use in a lemon poppy seed cake.
  81. Use in a lemon zucchini bread.
  82. Use in a lemon blueberry bread.
  83. Use in a lemon cranberry bread.
  84. Use in a lemon gingerbread.
  85. Use in a lemon banana bread.
  86. Use in a lemon yogurt bread.
  87. Use in a lemon ricotta bread.
  88. Use in a lemon olive oil cake.
  89. Use in a lemon raspberry muffin.
  90. Use in a lemon blueberry muffin.
  91. Use in a lemon corn muffin.
  92. Use in a lemon bran muffin.
  93. Use in a lemon chocolate muffin.
  94. Use in a lemon chai muffin.
  95. Use in a lemon pumpkin muffin.
  96. Use in a lemon carrot muffin.
  97. Use in a lemon coffee cake.
  98. Use in a lemon scone.
  99. Use in a lemon biscotti.
  100. Use in a lemon ginger snap.

20 Uses For Lemons Around The House

  1. Clean cutting boards
  2. Deodorize microwave
  3. Remove stains
  4. Brighten whites in laundry
  5. Freshen garbage disposal
  6. Clean copper & brass
  7. Sanitize sponges
  8. Polish wood furniture
  9. Remove grease from surfaces
  10. Soothe bug bites
  11. Relieve sore throat
  12. Remove rust from metal
  13. Clean grout & tiles
  14. Disinfect countertops
  15. Remove sticky residue
  16. Unclog drains
  17. Brighten up teakettles
  18. Condition leather goods
  19. Repel insects
  20. Flavor drinks & food.

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