How To Make Lemon And Ginger Tea?

how to make lemon and ginger tea

Most of the citruses are being used to make drinks. Just like a lemon that is used to make lemonade. Some ingredients can also be mixed with them like ginger.

Combining lemons and ginger will create a great taste and they will be helpful to health because they contain vitamins and minerals. It will be nice to drink them to stay cool.

Lemon And Ginger Tea Ingredients

1 Piece of Lemon

1 Piece of 2-inch Ginger

4 Cups of Water

2 Teaspoons of Honey (Optional)

How To Make Lemon And Ginger Tea?

1. Start by boiling the water in a pot and remove it from the heat.

2. Using a knife, start slicing the lemon and ginger into thin slices.

3. Put the sliced lemon and ginger into the pot.

4. Let it steep for around 7 to 12 minutes.

5. Strain and pour the tea into the cups or mug.

6. You can add honey to add additional taste. You can also try what you prefer. Stir, and serve.

7. Enjoy!

People love to find recipes to try. Some of them find a lemon and ginger menu. They find and follow the steps and see the final product. If they like the recipe well they will go to do it again and again especially if it fits their taste.

Tea In The Morning

There are people who love drinking lemon and ginger tea in the morning 30 minutes before they eat breakfast, they drink tea first. Drinking tea in the morning has many health benefits.

If you want to make more servings, then you need to add more water and lemons. 1 lemon for every 4 cups of water is fine but if you use 8 cups of water then you need two lemons.

It also depends on you if you want a stronger sour taste then add the lemons you desire.

Lemonade In The Afternoon

The weather is getting hot in the afternoon and you can try drinking cold lemonade. With lemon and ice, you can make a cold drink for you to refresh. When you are hungry you can eat some food and make a sauce using lemons.

Some people fried fish and use lemon to make a sauce. They dip the fish into the sauce and eat them. The sour flavor and the fish will have an awesome taste. Adding some peppers will also make the sauce spicy.

Getting Lemons From Your Tree For Tea

If you are a lemon tree grower then you can pick some ripe lemons on your tree. It will be great to get lemons on your tree and use it to make drinks like tea. You will enjoy it more often especially when the tree is producing lots of fruits.

Some of those fruits can be used to make some dishes. Also, you can save money instead of buying fruits from the market. The lemons are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin c which can help boost immunity.

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