Why Are Lemon Fruits So Expensive?

why are lemon fruits so expensive

When you go to a grocery store to buy lemons but suddenly you notice that the price before has change. There are factors why fruits like lemon increase in price. What are some reasons why lemons become expensive?

High Demand But Low Supply

One of the reasons why lemons are so expensive is because of high demand but low supply. When many people want to buy lemons at the market but the supply is low the cost of the lemons will increase.

It can increase in cost by double or even triple when there is a limited stock of lemons. You can only buy a few pieces of lemons when you have limited budget.

When the stock is limited, business owners increase the price of lemon fruits because there is no stock left. They have no more supplies that can be sold.

Many lemon farms usually supply lemons at the market. When there is a high supply of lemons the price will becomes cheaper so that many lemons will be sold and less fruits will be wasted especially when they started to rotten.

Less Harvest

Another reason why lemons are so expensive is because of less harvest. Less harvest means less supply. When farms bring a limited supply of lemons to the market the price changes. Some factors that cause less harvest is trees are still in the blooming stage.

During the flowering stage, you will not see mature lemon fruits yet. The flowers are still developing and forming into fruits. It needs a few months before it can be harvested.

The flowers develop and turn into lemons. The lemons mature after a few months and they are going to become bigger and change their color from green to yellow or yellow-green when they ripen.

Natural Calamities

Natural calamities can also cause price changes in lemon fruits. When there is a storm, it can damage the tree. The strong winds will blow and can damage the flowers.

If flowers are broken, they are not going to develop into fruits. In the coming few months, there will be no lemon fruits growing in the trees.

But if the calamity happens during the fruiting stage, then there will be an abundant supply of lemons. The storm will bring down lots of lemons which makes more supply.

The more lemons at the market the lower will be its price. You can buy bunches of lemons and use them in cooking foods. It can also be used as a sauce and enjoy eating foods.

After the calamity, there will be no more lemons at the tree. The trees are stressed and will recover after a few weeks and even months.

The lemon trees need to be nourished and once they go back to normal, they are going to produce flowers and fruits again. The supply of lemons in the market can increase again.

Fresh Lemons Cost More

Fresh lemons cost more than those who are not. Those lemons that are stocked for a little bit longer are cheaper because as the time pass by the quality of those lemons decreases.

When lemon fruits are fresh, they are high quality, has a delicious flavor and the taste is great.

The lemon fruits can be stored in the fridge to make them last longer. On average the lemons can last around 3 to 4 weeks inside the fridge.

The cool temperature inside preserves their taste and quality. It will be awesome to buy great-tasting lemons and consume them at home.

They Have High Nutritional Value

Most fruits and vegetables that have high nutritional value tend to cost a little bit more. Lemons are rich in vitamins like vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system that makes health better. It is worth it to buy lemons in exchange for vitamins and minerals that can help you become healthy.

If you want to have lemons and save money at the same time, then why not just grow a lemon tree? There are ways to grow a lemon tree but buying one is the best choice.

There are high-quality dwarf lemon trees that you can buy from nurseries or even online. You can grow them indoors with proper care. They will give you lots of lemons in the years to come.

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