75 Creative Things To Do With Lemons

Lemons are a versatile and commonly used fruit that can add a tangy, acidic flavor to a variety of dishes and drinks. They are also a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to your diet. In addition to their culinary uses, lemons have a variety of uses outside the kitchen, including for cleaning, beauty, and health purposes.

Here are 75 creative things you can do with lemons:

  1. Make lemonade
  2. Add lemon zest to baked goods
  3. Use lemon juice as a marinade for meat or vegetables
  4. Infuse water with lemon slices
  5. Make lemon sorbet
  6. Add lemon juice to tea or cocktails
  7. Clean cutting boards and countertops
  8. Use lemon as a natural degreaser
  9. Brighten clothes and remove stains
  10. Use lemon to soothe insect bites and skin irritation
  11. Mix lemon juice with baking soda for a natural cleaning solution
  12. Use lemon to freshen up a room
  13. Apply lemon juice to hair to lighten and brighten
  14. Use lemon as a natural cleaner for copper and brass
  15. Make a lemon vinaigrette for salads
  16. Add lemon to soup for extra flavor
  17. Make a lemon-herb rub for grilled meats
  18. Add lemon juice to mayonnaise for lemon aioli
  19. Use lemon as a natural astringent for skin
  20. Make lemon curd
  21. Use lemon juice to preserve fruits and vegetables
  22. Clean and deodorize your dishwasher with lemon
  23. Make a lemon simple syrup for cocktails and desserts
  24. Use lemon as a natural air freshener
  25. Add lemon juice to whipped cream
  26. Clean and remove grease from oven with lemon
  27. Use lemon to remove gum or adhesive residue
  28. Make a lemon-ginger tea
  29. Make a lemon glaze for cakes and pastries
  30. Use lemon to remove rust
  31. Clean and shine stainless steel with lemon
  32. Make a lemon-honey cough syrup
  33. Make a lemon salsa
  34. Use lemon to clean grout and tiles
  35. Clean and deodorize your garbage disposal with lemon
  36. Make a lemon-basil pasta sauce
  37. Use lemon to remove stickers and labels
  38. Make lemon iced tea
  39. Clean and remove grease from stovetops with lemon
  40. Make a lemon-pepper seasoning
  41. Use lemon to repel pests and insects
  42. Make a lemon butter sauce
  43. Use lemon as a natural cleaner for wood surfaces
  44. Clean and remove stains from fabric with lemon
  45. Make lemon zest sugar
  46. Use lemon to clean and deodorize your microwave
  47. Make a lemon-rosemary bread
  48. Use lemon to remove crayon marks from walls
  49. Make lemon ricotta pancakes
  50. Clean and remove grease from pots and pans with lemon
  51. Use lemon to remove food odors from hands
  52. Make lemon-ginger cheesecake
  53. Clean and deodorize your refrigerator with lemon
  54. Use lemon to remove buildup from hairbrushes and combs
  55. Make lemon-blueberry scones
  56. Use lemon to remove soap scum from showers and bathtubs
  57. Make lemon-lime soda
  58. Use lemon to clean grease from car engines
  59. Make a lemon-mint mocktail
  60. Use lemon to clean and remove stains from plastic containers
  61. Make lemon pound cake
  62. Use lemon to clean and remove
  63. Make lemon-basil grilled chicken
  64. Use lemon as a natural cleaner for carpet and upholstery
  65. Clean and deodorize your trash can with lemon
  66. Make a lemon-dill salmon recipe
  67. Use lemon to clean and polish chrome fixtures
  68. Clean and deodorize your drains with lemon
  69. Make a lemon-caper sauce for fish or chicken
  70. Use lemon to clean and remove tarnish from silverware
  71. Make lemon-blackberry sorbet
  72. Use lemon to clean and remove residue from glass surfaces
  73. Make a lemon-vanilla smoothie
  74. Use lemon to remove grease from grills
  75. Make a lemon-basil vinaigrette for pasta salads.

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