When Do Lemon Trees Bloom?

when do lemon trees bloom

Once the lemon trees mature, they will start producing flowers. The lemon flowers are small but have a fragrant smell. It will take some years for trees to produce flowers and fruits but for how long you will wait?

Do Lemon Trees Flower?

A lemon tree will flower when the conditions are right. The tree needs to have enough light, water, and nutrients, and the temperature needs to be warm enough. Lemon trees typically flower in early spring or late winter.

When Do Lemon Trees Bloom?

The lemon trees will bloom when they are already 3 to 5 years old. Lemon trees aged 3-5 years old are mature enough and they have the ability to produce flowers. The small fragrant white flowers will grow on the lemon trees.

If you are going to buy lemon trees from nurseries or online, most of them are grown through grafting or budding. They bloom fast and they are great lemon trees to have. You need to know if those lemon trees will grow in the climate you have in your location. The lemon trees grow well in tropical and subtropical climate.

Seed-grown trees take about 5 to 10 years to bloom. They are slower to produce flowers compared to grafted lemons.

Most of the lemons are not true-to-type which means that they are not going to grow the same as the parent tree from seed. It takes some time but there are some growers who have been successful in growing lemons from seed.

Do Lemon Trees Bloom In The Winter?

Yes, lemon trees can also bloom in the winter. They can bloom throughout the year even when winter comes. If you notice your lemon tree that has flowers during the winter it’s normal. They might appear early or late winter.

But usually lemon trees bloom in the spring and in case they are blooming in winter it might be just coincidence.

The lemon trees are self-fruitful and can produce fruits without pollination. But you can help your tree pollinate its flowers.

Hand pollination can help the lemon tree to produce more fruits. Using a dry brush, start brushing the flowers to transfer the pollen to the stigma. Repeat it to other flowers.

Bees can also help the lemons to have more pollinated flowers but you cannot see bees during the winter. Other pollinators also do not show when the weather is cold so its better to do hand pollination during those time.

Do Lemon Trees Bloom All Year?

Yes, lemon trees can bloom all year round especially in tropical countries. The lemon trees can produce fruits 1 to 4 times a year. Lemon trees only bloom a few times in other countries in late winter and spring.

Mostly standard lemon tree varieties are being grown outside while dwarf varieties are planted in pots/containers. Make sure that they are getting enough sunlight, water, and nutrients to thrive well.

How Do I Get My Lemon Tree To Flower?


If your lemon trees are not flowering, you need to wait. Lemon trees start to bloom once they are already 3 to 5 years old. If your trees are still young, you just need to wait for them to mature.

If your lemon tree is already 3 years old and still no flowers yet, you need to wait for a few months and eventually you will see flowers growing on the tree.

Give More Lights

Lemon trees need sunlight for them to thrive well. They need sunlight to make their food. Getting more food will help the lemon tree grow faster and makes them mature.

At least 4 hours for young lemon trees is needed and at least 6 hours for mature lemon. Keep them under the sun daily to see flowers on the tree faster.

Give Enough Water

Water is essential for lemon trees to bloom. The lemon trees should be watered around once or twice a week. You can know when to water them by touching the soil two-three inches deep with a finger. If the soil is dry, you need to water them but if still moist you don’t nee to.

Also, you need to be careful in giving water to your lemon trees. Too much water can cause root rot. When root rot happens the roots cannot transfer water and nutrients to the tree which causes yellow leaves. When watering, make sure that the holes at the bottom of the pot are not blocked so water can pass through.

Do Lemon Tree Flowers Turn Into Lemons?

Yes, lemon tree flowers will eventually turn into lemons if they are pollinated and the tree is healthy. Lemon trees are flowering plants, which means that they produce flowers in order to reproduce. The flowers of a lemon tree are small and white, and they have a distinctive, citrusy scent.

After the flowers are pollinated by bees or other insects, they will begin to develop into lemons. This process can take several months, depending on the variety of lemon tree and the growing conditions. As the lemon fruit grows, it will gradually change from green to yellow, and will eventually mature and be ready for harvest.

Too Many Flowers On A Lemon Tree?

Even if there are too many flowers on a lemon tree, some of them will not turn into fruits. Other flowers will fall to the ground. It is common for the plants and trees that some of their flowers stop growing.

Not 100 percent of the flowers are going to develop but its still great to see lots of flowers on a lemon tree because it will have a higher chance to produce more fruits.

It is great to know when do lemon trees bloom to have an early prediction of their flowering time. Sometimes it’s hard to wait but if you have a guide on how long they will bloom, you get excited. It is fascinating once they grow on the tree and form into lemons.

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