6 Reasons Why Lemon Tree Doesn’t Bloom

6 reasons why lemon tree does not bloom

Lemon trees are great and there are many varieties that you can grow like Meyer, Lisbon, Eureka, etc. But it’s quite frustrating when they your lemon tree don’t bloom. What are the reasons why lemon trees don’t flower?

6 Reasons Why Lemon Tree Does Not Bloom

The Lemon Tree Is Too Young

One reason why the lemon tree is not blooming is that the tree is still too young. The lemon tree will start producing flowers once they are already 3 to 5 years old.

Mature trees are already established and most of their parts are already developed. They are able to produce flowers. Too young lemon trees need some time for them to mature and for them to be able produce flower.

When you bought a lemon tree you need to know their aged so that you are aware how long to wait. A year-old lemon tree is still young and too small. They need to develop their leaves, branches, roots, and trunk. Once the lemon tree is ready the flowers will appear sooner.

Watering Issues

Watering issues can be overwatering or underwatering. Water can cause stress to the lemon trees. Watering should be consistent, applied regularly, and the right amount only.

That is why it is good to have a watering schedule so that you know when to and not to water your lemon trees.

When lacking water, the soil becomes dry and it can affect the lemons trees which can cause dry and curling leaves.

While overwatering can cause yellow leaves and root rot. You need just to give the right amount to keep lemon trees healthy.

You need to prevent problems with watering to make sure your lemon trees will be able to bloom. You can check the soil by pressing your finger around two-three inches deep and to know the soil is dry before you water them and don’t if the soil is still moist.

Make a plan or make a schedule for watering your tree. There are times that you go for a trip that lasts for a few weeks and you need to plan to make sure that the lemon tree will still get water. You can also try buying a self-watering pot if you have some budget.

Over fertilization

The lemon tree needs nutrients for them to grow but when you over-fertilize them, it might cause them not to bloom. Some good fertilizers for lemon trees are 6-6-6 and 8-8-8. High nitrogen fertilizers like 6-3-3 and 12-6-6 are also good to use.

Lemon trees and other citruses need more nitrogen. Nitrogen helps the production of chlorophyll in the leaves. But you need to be careful not to overfertilize them.

Overfertilization can be a reason why your lemon trees don’t flower. You need to give them the right amount and not overdo it.

Giving fertilizer to lemon trees should not exceed four times a year. Give fertilizer before flowering, during spring and summer but try to avoid giving them during the winter.

Lack Of Sunlight

If your lemon tree is lacking sunlight, it might be the cause why your lemon tree still doesn’t have flowers. You need to make sure that your tree is getting enough hours of sunlight.

Young lemon trees need at least 4 hours of sunlight, while mature lemon trees need at least 6 hours. If you grow a lemon tree in a pot, move them to a place where the sun is available. The sun help the lemon trees make their food.

If you are growing lemon trees in the ground, try to make sure that there are no other tall trees or structures near the area becuase they might block the sunlight. Don’t plant the tree in a well-shaded area and try to find a perfect spot for your lemon tree.

You Grow A Lemon Tree From A Not True To Type Seed

Another reason why lemon tree doesn’t bloom is you grow a lemon tree from not true to type seeds. Most of the lemons sold at the market are not true to type which means if you grow the tree from seed it will not grow the same as the parent tree.

Not true-to-type lemon seeds are viable to grow but even if they grow, sometimes the tree will never produces fruits at all. Or if they will produce it will be low-quality lemons and are different from lemons being sold at the market.

If you want to grow a lemon tree from seeds, try to find true-to-type lemons so that you can expect them to bloom and produce fruits.

Pests And Diseases Can Be A Reason Why Lemon Tree Does Not Bloom

Pests and diseases can cause damage to the lemon tree and can them grow poor. You need to keep your lemon tree protected from pests and diseases so that they are able to bloom.

You can use fungicides and pesticides to control those things. You can also use neem oil as a treatment as long as you don’t use the oil when the sun is too hot to prevent leaf and trunk burn.

Keeping the lemon tree healthy is the key to encouraging the tree to bloom.

How Do You Get A Lemon Tree To Bloom?

To make lemon tree to bloom, you need to make sure they are mature enough, they receive enough water, fertilizer, and sunlight. Also, prevent over-fertilizing and over-watering to maintain their good condition.

When there are pests on the lemon tree, you need to apply some treatment to get rid of them and control them immediately to prevent further damage. If the lemon tree grows better for a few years, it will eventually produce flowers once they are already 3 to 5 years old.

Once everything is in control you can expect your lemon tree to bloom sooner. The tree can bloom any time of the year if you are located in a tropical country.

Are Lemon Blossoms Edible?

Yes, lemon blossoms are edible. The flowers are white and have a fragrant smell. Some other citrus flowers of orange, kumquat, lime, and many more are edible too.

The flowers can be eaten and some people prefer to make tea, garnish or mix them in a salad using lemons flower. Just make sure that you don’t make use of chemicals in your tree if you want to consume the bloom.

If you are practicing organic gardening then it will be a little bit safer.


There are many reasons that might be the cause why lemon trees don’t flower and once you figure out and solve the problem it will produce more flowers.

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