Do Lemon Trees Need Full Sun?

do lemon trees need full sun

Sunlight helps the lemon tree to create its food, not just lemon trees but also most of the plants and trees. When the trees started growing, they need to get more sunlight to create their food.

The sun hits the trees’ leaves and processes them under photosynthesis. The more sunlight the more food can be produced which will bring many benefits to the trees.

Do Lemon Trees Need Full Sun?

Yes, lemon trees need full sun. Young lemon trees need 4+ hours of sunlight, while mature trees need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Full sun is needed by the lemon trees in order for them to create more food. It will help them to grow excellent.

Dwarf potted lemon trees also need sunlight. Some of them are grown indoors and should be placed near the window where they can get sun.

They can also be placed outside to receive more light when the weather is good. There is chlorophyll in the leaves of lemon trees and those things work to produce sugar called glucose which is what the tree consumes.

Outdoor lemon trees planted in the ground can get more sunlight especially when there are no big trees nearby. You need to plant them in an open space because planting them near big trees and tall concretes will block the sunlight to them.

Will Lemon Trees Grow In Shade?

No, lemon trees will not grow in full shade. The lemon trees need sunlight in order for them to make food. Without sun they will grow poorly.

But they can be grown in partial shade as long as they get sunlight of at least 4 hours for young trees and at least 6 hours for mature trees.

That is why even if you grow lemon trees indoors, you need to make sure to place them where they can receive light. Most of the lemon trees grown indoors are dwarf varieties.

They are small and use small space only. Pots are easy to move and you can bring your lemon tree outside when spring and summer come.

When the lemon trees are not getting enough light, there are many things that will happen.

Do Lemon Trees Prefer Sun Or Shade?

Lemon trees require full sun to produce fruit but can tolerate some shade. They prefer a sunny location with well-drained soil. Lemon trees will not produce fruit if they do not receive enough sunlight.

They need at least eight hours of direct sunlight each day during the growing season. If possible, choose a location that receives full sun all day. Lemon trees will produce fewer lemons if they do not receive full sun.

What Happens If A Lemon Tree Doesn’t Get Enough Sun?

If the lemon tree doesn’t get enough sun, it can affect it in many different ways. Sunlight is a very important need of a lemon tree and below are some of the possible things that might happen if the lemon tree lacks sunlight.

1. Dropping leaves

When the lemon tree lacks sunlight, it can cause the leaves to drop. They need sunlight in order to create food and grow better. But when the lemon tree doesn’t get enough light, it will grow poorer.

You need to place your potted lemon on a spot where sunlight is available. When the tree gets enough sunlight it will make the leaves greener and healthy. Wilting will be prevented if the tree gets sun every day.

2. Less Flowers

In order for the lemon tree to produce more flowers, they need sunlight. Sunlight helps the tree to thrive and when tree branches mature, flowers will grow in those areas. For the tree to thrive well, they need more food and the sun will help to make it happen.

Aside from the light, they also need soil rich in nutrients. Fertilizers have a good role in helping the lemon tree develop more flowers. Also during the spring and summer, bees are likely to appear. They can help pollinates the flowers in your tree and it will be helpful to produce more fruits.

3. Fewer Fruits

You need to bring your potted lemon tree outside to get them enough light which leads to grow fruits. In order for lemons to develop from flowers, they need more food which the sun will help in this matter.

The trees will become bigger and mature when they are getting their needs. There will be more fruits on your lemon tree when it receives a good amount of sunlight daily around 6 hours per day.

4. Slow Growth

Lack of sunlight can cause the lemon tree to grow stunted. It slows their growth and grows poor. Water and fertilizers are needed for the tree’s growth, but they also need sunlight and if it is missing it is not enough for the tree to grow better.

It should be balanced in order to see maximum growth of the lemon tree. The tree height will be slightly shorter when they are not receiving sunlight regularly. If you planted a standard lemon tree outdoor they are growing tall because they will get more light outside. They can grow around 20-30 feet.

5. Yellow And Curl Leaves

The leaves on lemon trees might turn yellow because of a lack of sunlight. The tree cannot make its food without the sun. Because of that, the green leaves change color to yellow.

Some of the leaves will turn yellow and if the lemon tree doesn’t get light in the next few days, all leaves might turn yellow. Curling of the leaves will also happen so you need to bring the lemon trees to the sunny areas.

Do Lemon Trees Like Morning Or Afternoon Sun?

Lemon trees like the morning sun especially during summer. During summer the heat is extreme and it is too hot that some of the plants are affected.

It can cause the leaves to lose, turn yellow, or even turn brown. It is best to bring your potted lemon in the morning to get sunlight and place them in a shaded area during the afternoon.

Sunlight is extreme in the afternoon and it can dehydrate the lemon trees. You can move your potted trees indoors and bring them back again in the morning.

So do lemon trees need full sun? Yes, they absolutely need sun in their growth. It will keep their lifespan good.

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