What Animals Eat Lemon: Unraveling the Zesty Secrets of Nature’s Citrus Lovers

what animals eat lemon

What Animals Eat Lemon is an intriguing question that delves into the dietary habits of various creatures. While lemons are primarily known for their sour taste and human culinary uses, it may come as a surprise that some animals have developed a fondness for this citrus fruit. Let’s explore the peculiar tastes of nature’s creatures and discover which animals have acquired a unique palate for the tangy delight of lemons.

What Animals Eat Lemon?


Do squirrels eat lemon? Yes, squirrels eat a lemon. The squirrels can climb the lemon tree and eat the fruits. They have sharp teeth which makes it easier to bite the lemons. They like the fruits and will eat more especially when they are hungry.

It gives them energy and since lemons have vitamins and minerals it can help them grow better. If you want to control squirrels from eating fruits on your lemon tree you can spray hot pepper oil on the trunks and limbs of the lemon tree.

You can also use a two-feet (0.6 m) wide metal and cover the trunk of the tree to prevent them from climbing. When your lemon tree is safe you will not worry about the squirrels again. Lots of high-quality lemons will grow on the tree.


Do possums eat lemons? Yes, possums eat lemons. They like eating the peels and the flesh of the lemon fruits. There are times they eat the peels only and there are times also they damage the peels and eat the flesh at the same time. The possums like the lemons and other citruses.

You need to take some control measures to prevent them from eating your fruits, especially if they are available in your location.

To control possums from eating your lemons, you can also try to use a two-feet (0.6 m) wide metal. Cover the trunk of the lemon tree to prevent them from climbing. If they can’t climb the tree the lemons will be safer.

You can also try other ways like using repellent to keep them away from the lemon tree. It is great to see when there are lots of fruits on the tree and they are not damaged by any animals.

Black Rat (Roof Rat)

Do rats eat lemons? Yes, rats eat lemons. They are small and can easily climb trees. They have feet with long claws which make it easier for them to go from one lemon tree to another.

When they reach your lemon tree, it is possible for them to eat the fruits. They like lemons and also other fruits.

One rat can cause damage to the lemons and it will cause more damage if there are many rats. You can also use a metal two feet (0.6 m) wide to prevent rats from climbing the lemon tree.

There are also other repellents that are useful to keep rats away. You can buy them at the market near your area or online.

They are also homemade repellent that you can try. Keeping your lemon tree away from other structures will also help to keep the rats jumping on your lemon tree.

A few meters away from your house will be great. You can also trim some of the lemon tree branches so that there will be no rats that can pass through.

Other Animals That Eat Lemons


Coyotes are omnivores that can eat meat and plants. Coyotes also eat lemons. They don’t always eat lemons but once they see them they can probably eat those fruits. They can’t climb lemon trees and they will just eat fallen lemons.

This animal will not be a problem if you are growing a lemon tree. They will not eat fresh and delicious fruits on the tree because they don’t have the ability to climb on it. They will just get those fallen fruits.


Goats eat grass. They can also eat some other plants and fruits like lemon. They don’t climb but they can reach low-hanging fruits on the lemon tree. Some people have goats at home and they try to feed them with lemons.

There are many goats that you can see at the farm. They can be a good source of milk which is what children really like to drink. The milk is excellent in calcium which is good for the bones.


If you feed cows with lemon they are going to eat them. Cows love to eat grass. They also like most plant leaves. But if you throw lemons at them they are gonna eat the fruits also.

Just like goats, cows are also a good source of milk. Most manufactured milk products come from cows. They are many dairy products also that can be made with cow’s milk.


The horse runs fast. They are strong and need more grass to have energy. Commonly they eat grass but they can eat fruits like lemons too. Just a few pieces of lemons will be fine.

Riding a horse is a great experience. They are running fast and you will feel the whisper of the air in your face once you are on the horse. They need glasses and water to stay healthy.


When you give the chickens cut lemons, they are going to eat them. They use their beak to eat lemons. Chickens like to eat rice and other kinds of seeds but they can also eat fruits.

There are many chickens in the world. They can give you a lot of eggs. You can make many different kinds of dishes with eggs.

Conclusion: What Animals Eat Lemon?

In conclusion, several animals have a preference for eating lemons. Squirrels, possums, black rats, coyotes, goats, cows, horses, and chickens are among the animals that consume lemons to varying extents. While squirrels, possums, and black rats can pose a challenge to lemon tree owners by directly targeting the fruits, measures such as using physical barriers or repellents can help deter these animals.

On the other hand, animals like coyotes, goats, cows, horses, and chickens may eat fallen or low-hanging lemons, but they generally do not pose a significant threat to the fruits on the tree. Understanding the eating habits of these animals can help lemon tree owners protect their harvest and enjoy the benefits of these citrus fruits.

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