Where Do Lemon Seeds Come From?

where do lemon seeds come from

Most lemon trees are grown through budding and grafting but it is also possible to grow them through seeds. But the seeds of the lemon are commonly not true to type. It means that the tree will not grow the same as the parent tree. But where do these seeds are located in the fruit?

Where Do Lemon Seeds Come From?

The lemon seeds come from the fruit. The seeds are located the middle of the lemon. When you slice the lemon you will see a few seeds.

The seeds of lemon are small and have pointed tips on one side and rounded on the other side. They are slippery and smooth to touch too.

If you are planning to grow a lemon tree from seed then you can buy some lemon fruits at the store and germinate them. Gather more lemon seeds so in that way, when the seedlings appear you can choose which seedlings are healthy and which are not.

How Do You Get Lemon Seeds?

It is simple to get lemon seeds and all you need to do is to buy some lemons. Get a knife and slice the fruit horizontally and slowly to prevent cutting the seeds.

Once the fruit is cut, you can get the seeds out from the fruit. Lemon fruits have a different number of seeds compared to others. If you need more seeds, then you need to slice more lemons.

If you don’t want to get lemon seeds from store-bought fruit, you can just buy lemon seeds from the nursery or any agriculture store nearby. You can buy high-quality seeds that can be use to grow a lemon tree.

You can also buy lemon seeds online. Just read the description well about the product to know what tree you will have once the seeds grow.

Are Lemon Seeds True To Seed?

No, most lemon seeds are not true to seed. What does it mean? It means that growing a lemon from seed will not give you the same tree as the parent tree.

The tree may also bear fruit about 10 years prior to planting but in some cases, the tree doesn’t produce fruits at all. It will be hard to grow a lemon tree from seed but it will be fun to do.

But there are also chance that those trees will give you lemons but it will be a different one. Its not the same lemons compared to lemons sold at the market.

Instead of waiting for them to produce fruits, you can just use them as a rootstock to grow another citrus tree.

How Many Seeds Does A Lemon Have?

One lemon fruit can have 5 to 10 seeds inside. The number of seeds may be different from other lemon fruits. You can get the seeds by slicing the fruit with a knife and extract out the seeds.

The number of seeds per lemon varies. Some lemons have few leaves while others have more.

There are also chances that some lemons don’t have seeds inside. Seedless lemons have many uses. They can be use in cooking, cleaning, and other stuff.

Can You Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed?

Yes, you can grow a lemon tree from seeds but even if the lemon tree grows, it doesn’t guarantee that it will grow the same tree as the parent tree.

The blooming and fruiting of the lemon tree can range from 5 to 10 years but it is also possible that it will not produce fruits at all. It is best just to buy lemon trees from nursery or garden center and grow them at home.

If you try to grow a lemon tree from seed, you need to wait for some years to know if it will actually bear fruits. You need the patience to know it. But if you buy a tree from a nursery you don’t need to worry because they will give you high-quality trees that produce lemon fruits.

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