How Do Lemon Seeds Disperse?

how do lemon seeds disperse

Lemon trees are growing well through some methods. It can be grown through grafting, budding, or seeds. But is It possible for a lemon tree to grow without being grown by humans? How do lemon seeds disperse? There are some ways for plants to grow in different locations because of dispersion. You will notice that a young plant grows on a location even if there is no mother plant grown there.

How Do Lemon Seeds Disperse?

The lemon seeds disperse because of animals, wind, and water. Animals (especially human beings) eat lemon fruits, and those seeds are being thrown somewhere else. Other animals like possums, rats, mice, squirrels, and white cockatoos may also cause lemon seeds to disperse. Those animals eat lemon fruit and the seeds of it may be transported to other locations because of them.

Winds can also cause lemon seeds to disperse. There are times that a storm comes, and it can blow a strong wind and send lemon fruits to a little bit of a distance. Those lemon fruits, especially the ripe ones, will start to decay and some of the seeds inside will germinate. The seeds will grow roots and tiny leaves. If the location where it is located is great, then it will continue to grow until it becomes a young seedling and eventually turns into a tree.

Water can also be a cause for lemon seeds to disperse. There are times that people go camping and they bring some lemon. Those lemon fruits are cut and squeezed to get the juice. And some of the seeds are being thrown. If those campers throw those seeds to a nearby river then they will be transported for a few distances and if it reaches land it may germinate on that area, grow and become a tree sooner.

Animals That May Cause For Lemon Seeds To Disperse

Some of the animals that may eat lemon fruits are possums, mice, rats, squirrels, and white cockatoos. They can eat the lemon fruits on the branches. When the lemons are damaged, some of their seeds might fall on the ground. Some of them might go a few distances. These animals can be a cause why lemon seeds are dispersed.

Animals can help to grow more trees even without growing them by humans. They scattered the seeds everywhere, and if those seeds germinate more new young trees are going to grow. Some people are just surprised because they notice a tree growing in their yard even if they didn’t grow them. Those animals may damage your grown lemon tree but from other angles, they can help to grow more trees.

Snails and slugs can also damage the fruits by making marks and holes in them. They do small damage on the fruits and if some animals like birds add more damage to them, there is a possibility that some of the seeds might fall on the ground. Some seeds may go a distance when those birds eat them and release them after a few days. Dispersion of lemon seeds may occur because of that.


Strong wind can occur when there is a storm. A storm may bring strong winds and lots of rainfall. When the winds blow, the lemon fruits can be taken away from the tree and transported to another location. Ripe lemons are going to fall easily, especially when strong winds hit them.

When those fruits are placed in another location, some of the seeds might germinate. Roots, stems, and leaves will appear. The roots are going to spread on the ground, continue to grow, and establish. The seeds will turn into a young plant and if that place receives enough sunlight and the soil has lots of nutrients it will thrive well.


Water can also be a way for lemon seeds to disperse. Lemon trees that grow near a river might drop some of their ripe fruits on the water and transport them to another location. It can happen because the water on the river is flowing and it can reach a few meters or even kilometers. And after a while, those fruits reach land and may grow.

Water helps the tree to thrive well. It helps them to grow faster, produce lots of leaves, more flowers, and fruits. But another good thing about water is it can help to scatter the seeds of a particular tree and help them grow. Lots of seeds can be dispersed with the help of water. It’s awesome to know how lemon seeds disperse.

Can Lemon Seeds Dispersed Through Expulsion?

No, lemon seeds can’t be dispersed through expulsion. Expulsion can happen to other plants or trees but not to lemon. Expulsion happens because there is a strong force, a burst happens that disperse seeds a few distances.

It’s like the seeds explode especially when the pods are brown and dry and then the seeds come out from the pod. Because of the strong force, the seeds expulse a few distances.

They are move and when they reach the soil, they are going to grow in that area. They will start germinating and becomes a plant. Not all seeds from expulsion will grow, only a few of them will.

Do All Lemon Seeds Dispersed Actually Grow?

No, only some of the lemon seeds grow from dispersion. There are many factors why only a few seeds germinate and grow. When animals eat lemon seeds, some of them might be damaged and it affects the seeds to germinate.

Another thing is when the seeds are dispersed through water, some of them might decay and the potential of the seeds to germinate is no longer available.

Only a few seeds are going to grow through dispersion. It is great to know how lemon seeds disperse.

Why Is Dispersion Important To Other Plants and Trees?

Dispersion is very important for some plants and trees because it is a fast way for them to propagate. Those plants and trees grow a lot in numbers with the help of dispersion. You can see that in the forest many similar trees grow nearby.

Some of those trees are bearing fruits and have seeds inside. When those seeds are transported to another location, they might grow and become trees.

It is great to know how lemon seeds disperse. The seeds can disperse because of animals, winds, and water. Those things can help the tree spread and propagate.

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