Is Lemon Extract And Lemon Oil The Same?

is lemon extract and lemon oil the same

When you are going to cook a dish and you want the desired flavor you add some ingredients that will make it tasteful. It will make the food taste better and you will enjoy it a lot.

Just like the lemon extract and lemon oil which can be used to add in dishes like cakes and cookies. The lemon is delicious to eat and some products are made using it.

Is Lemon Extract And Lemon Oil The Same?

No, lemon extract and lemon oil are not the same. Lemon extract is made by the distillation process, while lemon oil is made by extracting oils from fresh lemons which usually the rinds are added to the alcohol for around eight weeks.

Oil is much stronger than extract. A little amount of oil is equivalent to a larger amount of extract. Both of them can add flavor to the dishes and they can taste great. The extract and the oil are useful which is why many people have them at home.

Lemon oil and lemon extract are commonly used in baking. They can be used in making cakes, cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc. The taste of them fits well with other ingredients. And lots of people prefer the taste of lemon.

Lemon oil has many uses at home it can be used to clean some stainless products and is a good cleaner for your tools. A little amount of oil can clean a tool and having more can clean more tools.

Which Is Stronger Lemon Extract Or Lemon Oil?

Lemon oil is much stronger than lemon extract. The oil is made by extracting it from the peels, while the extracts are made through distillation.

When you are comparing how much stronger the lemon oil is compared to lemon extract, it’s about ⅛ teaspoon of lemon oil is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of lemon extract.

That is why you just need a little amount of lemon oil for a good flavor of your dish. For lemon extract, you need a little bit larger amount for your recipe.

That is why some people prefer to buy lemon oil rather than lemon extract. They can use it for a little bit longer because you only need less amount when using it. You can use it in baking, cleaning tools like stainless, etc.

What Can You Substitute For Lemon Oil?

Some good substitutes for lemon oil are lemon juice, lemon zest, and lemon extract. These things have a similar flavor compared to oil which will make your dish taste delicious.

So instead of buying lemon oil at the store, you can look for some good alternatives at home that you can use in your cooking. The lemon oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, and lemon extract have a closely similar taste and you can use them and vice versa when needed.

Can You Substitute Lemon Oil Instead Of Lemon Extract?

Yes, you can substitute lemon oil instead of lemon extract. The lemon oil can add great flavor to your preferred dish and the oil is much more powerful than the extract.

Can I Use Lemon Oil Instead Of Lemon Zest?

Yes, you can use lemon oil instead of lemon extract. The lemon oil will add flavor to your dish the same as the lemon extract. You will need a few teaspoons of oil to make your recipe taste better.

There are some advantages of using lemon oil instead of zest like you will not use tools like zester. You directly get the oil and then when you need them you can easily use it. While getting zests from lemon fruits is sometimes more challenging than just getting lemon oil.

Also, the peels of lemons where you get the zest may have chemicals like pesticides which are not good for the health. But there are also organic lemons that you can buy at the market which are safer to use.


Lemon extract and oil are not the same but they are helpful in human life. They can be useful, especially in cooking.

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